Top tools to remotely vet software developers in 2022

3 min readMay 13, 2022

The vetting process is an essential part of hiring developers as you can evaluate the candidates’ tech and soft skills before you decided to make further hiring steps. This article contains helpful tips for CTOs, PMs, and tech recruiters who want to find out how to vet tech candidates, what tools and practices to use.

Automated vetting tools: online assessment software

Automated vetting tools are a great option especially when you hire remote developers. Such tools generate assignments depending on the candidate’s experience. It helps to evaluate if the candidate is skilled enough for the project.


It is a tech skill assessment platform, that has two products to use: CodeCheck (a screening tool for real-time assessment) and CodeLive (a room for collaboration and coding during the real-time interview).


This tool provides protected coding tests for software engineer certification, created according to your tech requirements, and live interviews in a collaborative coding environment.


This platform uses AI technology that helps to assess the candidates without the need to interact with humans. This tool can automatically generate tests and evaluate the candidate’s skills, the creative challenge allows the discovery of hidden talents.


This platform gives access to the tech skills assessment tools created on real-life samples. With this platform, you have a wide range of tests for different programming languages and technologies allowing you to fully check the candidate’s skills.

How to vet tech candidates without automated tools?

There are several options you can use to vet developers instead of automated tools.

Office-Based Tests

With offline hiring, you can hire them by inviting them to your office. Through this, you can see how they work in your environment and how good they are at time management.

Check tech skills with another developer

Such an option is a great chance to test candidate skills with the help of experienced engineers who can provide extensive feedback on the candidate. You can try it if you are not sure about your expertise.


If you need to hire a development team to create the product, hackathons can be a good chance to find one. You can plan this event in your office to see how the developers will work in the team, the level of collaboration, their weak and strong sides. Hackathons can be placed online as well if you need remote devs.

Pair Programming

If you practiced pair programming, you should know that coding together with the interviewer is a great chance to check the candidate’s tech skills, expertise, and collaboration abilities.

Blind Hiring

Blind hiring helps to eliminate all the side options of the person and focus only on their skills and experience with the specific technologies. Although, such hiring may be good to evaluate if the candidate meets the basic requirements but not for deeper technical assessment.

You can do bling hiring manually by asking your recruitment manager to remove all personal information such as gender, ethnic background, college degree, interests, etc. Or you can do it by using special tools such as:

Vetting practices at YouTeam

YouTeam is a marketplace where you can scale your development team with skilled engineers. With YouTeam you can get the first developers in less than 48 hours who will match all your requirements.

Out vetting process has several stages. First, we search for candidates from reliable development agencies that were handpicked by our team. Then, we pre-interview the developers to make sure about their expertise. Finally, we send them for approval to the customer who later has the interview with the candidates to get the best one.

If you want to find out more about the practices and tools to vet candidates, visit our blog.




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