Outsourcing Software Development to Georgia: Guide on best hiring practices in 2022

4 min readJul 15, 2022

Over the last years, Georgia has shown significant growth in the tech industry, increasing the number of skilled engineers. Such changes encourage many foreign tech companies to hire developers from this country. Here we will discuss the state of technological development of the country and what hiring options it can provide for foreign businesses.

Technological Development in Georgia

Georgia has shown many digital transformations and initiatives to increase the number of tech specialists in different fields. For example, they organized web design classes, coding schools for women, and startup funding workshops to support those who want to develop in this area.

Digital transformation has also affected state institutions. Here we can mention The Bank of Georgia, which relocated to Metaverse in February, presented the application and website to help users manage their bank accounts more easily.

Discussing how international companies impact the growth of the IT sector in Georgia, it is good to point out such companies as EPAM, which opened one of its offices in the country in 2020, and Viber, owned by Rakuten which opened an office in Tbilisi for mobile application development.

Hiring Remote Developers From Georgia

Companies that enter the tech market in Georgia can expect to hire skilled engineers. Although their English level is relatively moderate, their skills and experience are extensive due to high-quality education. In addition, if the companies are from Central or Western Europe, the difference in time zones won’t be very noticeable, so the remote engineers will be able to work the same hours as your in-house development team.

Here we have gathered several remote hiring options and their features, as well as job boards for software developers in Georgia.


The outsourcing model allows you to hire a whole development team consisting of software developers, designers, QA engineers, and PMs. Although it may take some time to search for the team, the process is established well, and even the most complex cases can be solved.

To find a list of such software development agencies, you can go to Clutch or LinkedIn, use different queries, and filter the results by country.

In-house Hiring

This type of remote hiring involves building a team in the company on a regular basis. In-house engineers are more motivated and engaged in the development process as they are a part of the company.

Companies can search for them on Glassdoor with filtering by country to find developers for in-house hiring in Georgia. Another way is to search for engineers by groups in Tbilisi or search for developer conferences where they can meet tech professionals.

Hiring a Contractor

Companies can expand their development teams with this hiring model very quickly. Such a model as staff augmentation allows scaling the in-house team with the developers from outsourcing agencies. Although, the main difference between outsourcing and staff augmentation is that employers can manage the contract developers ourselves.

Companies can have fast, high-quality services for scaling the development team by applying to the YouTeam marketplace. With more than 20,000+ developers and 400+ development agencies, YouTeam can provide the best-matching candidates in about 48 hours.

Hiring a Freelancer

This hiring model is a good option for short-term projects or if the company has a small budget. Although this option is the cheapest, freelancers often have more than one project simultaneously, which can also influence the quality of the end product.

To find freelancers in Georgia, you can post a job offering on freelance platforms like Upwork.

Average Developer Hourly Rate in Georgia

The average salaries of Georgian software developers vary from what the US developers earn due to the cost of living, which in the US is higher. Such differences in the average salaries make this destination attractive for American companies that are ready to hire remote engineers. For example, the average yearly wage of software engineers in the US is $108K, while in Georgia it is $46K per year. The entry-level engineer earns around $33K per year, and middle developers are paid $46K yearly on average. If the Georgian programmer has more than five years of experience, they can earn around $58K yearly.


In recent years Georgia has shown a big technological growth which also increased the number of skilled and experienced developers ready to provide software development services. Many foreign companies already work with Georgian engineers remotely. Each business chooses the best hiring model suitable for them, whether it is in-house hiring, remote contractors, outsourcing agencies, or freelancers. Each of these hiring types has its own adds and cons, so choosing how to hire depends fully on you. If you want to learn more about outsourcing software development to Georgia, find more tips, and learn about the hourly rates of Georgian engineers, read our blog.




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