7 reasons for outsourcing software development to Argentina in 2021

Buenos Aires in Argentina is a growing tech city with tech parks and top talents in the market. Its emerging tech sector is home to highly skilled tech professionals, and here are seven reasons why outsourcing software developers from Argentina can be the best decision for your company.

Focus on tech skills

In the global list of top countries for education, Argentina ranked 29 in 2019, and the Universidad de Buenos Aires ranked first in providing computer science in Argentina. The South American country produces highly skilled software developers right from college.

Several other universities have also ranked within 100, making Argentina the best place to outsource talented developers.

Support by the Government

The Government of Argentina released a plan to develop skilled tech professionals. It aims to increase female tech talent by 40% in the next three years. Due to this, the tech talent is expected to grow by 10% by 2024 from 4% in 2016. Numerous government initiatives and funding for start-ups having given rise to talented developers over the years.

Development of Tech Parks

With good political stability and a business climate for start-ups, several tech parks are developed, housing the top tech talents in Argentina. Some of the growing tech companies are Globant, OLX, making Argentina a great choice to outsource.

Time convenience

Outsourcing to Argentina is less likely to disrupt as the time zone doesn’t vary significantly with the US. Collaborating and coordinating with developers becomes easy. With just one to four hours difference in time, it won’t affect the team much.

High retention rates

Argentina’s software industry is a thriving sector where developers are happy being in a challenging environment staying in one job. With low attrition rates, outsourcing can be a fantastic choice for companies looking for talented developers to join their development teams.

English Speaking

Suppose you’re worried that language might be a barrier in team meetings. In that case, you should know that Argentinian developers are multi-lingual and can speak English fluently, making it great for US companies to hire skilled professionals and collaborate with them. According to the English Proficiency Index, Argentina scored 58.38 — the highest in Latin America.


The tech sector is not yet competitive, and the living costs are way less than in the US. It makes outsourcing an excellent choice for start-ups and small businesses. Though the salary is more than $1000, it’s a lot less than what a developer earns in the United States. If you’ve ever thought of outsourcing, having Argentina on your list can help.

Final Thoughts

The average salary for a senior python developer in Argentina is $2,220, far less than a senior developer’s salary in the US. For a junior developer, the average salary starts from $500. There is a huge difference in the incomes, and for companies looking to hire talented developers for their team, Argentina can be the best option.

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