6 Reasons for Outsourcing Software Development to Brazil

3 min readJul 16, 2021

Outsourcing offshore resources can come with tons of benefits. You get to hire top talents to work on challenging projects and get the most returns. It’s one of the reasons why outsourcing is still a great way for tech companies. If you’re unclear about outsourcing software development and unsure about the locations to look for quality tech talent, here are six solid reasons to hire from Brazil in 2021.


The average salary of Brazilian software developers is $18,043, which is five times lesser than what a US developer earns annually. The rates of developers vary with geographical locations, but it does not exceed $22,000 annually. Outsourcing is a perfect way to get skilled professionals at an affordable rate benefitting US companies at every level.

Growing Talent Pool

Brazil stands 42d globally as an emergent country in technology and 2nd in Latin America. One of the universities (UFRJ) is ranked the fifth-best in Latin America. The developers in Brazil are fine-tuned to fit into the US market, and their work culture is similar. Brazilian developers are creative and innovative who have top-notch skills to handle diverse projects in a challenging environment.

Great Collaborative Experience

With a four-hour difference in the time zone between Brazil and United States, collaborating with developers becomes easy. Though hiring resources from India or China might seem feasible, the difference in time makes US companies avoid outsourcing from those countries. Collaborating is efficient with Brazilian developers for US companies due to this.

Excellent Infrastructure

There are over 90 tech parks in Brazil, and this is only increasing over the years. Campinas in Sao Paulo is a Silicon Valley of Brazil with a wide array of tech parks with thousands of market developers. The ‘lei do bem’ law by the Brazilian Government offers Tax credits to conduct technological innovations welcoming more businesses to set up R&D centers. It’s a great initiative making Brazil one of the best places to outsource.

High Retention Rates

In countries like India and China, the high attrition rates make it less likely for US companies to outsource. But in Brazil, there are high rates of retention due to less competition. It’s a great advantage for companies looking for long-term contracts for projects. You get quality, and it is a value for the price with Brazilian developers.

High-Quality Developers

As mentioned above, Brazil produces some high-quality tech talent who can thrive in a competitive environment and make the best results in less time. The developers are reliable, committed, and deliver well within deadlines which is great for US companies looking for professional and dependable talent to onboard.


Brazil may be one of the best places to outsource software development due to its close time zones with the US allowing easy collaborating. It’s profitable, and you get nothing but the best out of it. If you’re looking to hire developers for your team but have a tight budget, outsourcing can be an excellent option.




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